Prinect Inspection Control is a system created by Heidelberg and developed in conjunction with our company.

This equipment comprises both software and hardware; it involves the pre-printing and printing departments to ensure that the file approved by the client is fully compliant with the printed output.

This “perfection” is obtained thanks to numerous devices such as “strip” video cameras that promptly identify any anomalies. An Inspection Control procedure compares the file approved by the client with all the sections of the printed matter.


The Inspection Control uses an electronic eye that can spot the smallest printing and pre-printing errors and checks 100% of the output, giving complete guarantees on the accuracy of text in “complex” alphabets such as Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese.

For many years now FAVILLINI has followed a policy of maximum reliability that is absolutely indispensable, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

Constantly evolving since 1886

  • CTP Suprasetter 106

    With is automatic plate loader and its higher speed of impression, the new CTP Suprasetter provides 20 plates/hour operator-free.

  • Labelling department with restricted access

    Grafiche Favillini has built a new labelling department that is only accessible with a pass.

    This new department means that we can supply our clients with pharmaceutical labels by applying specific procedures with careful checks from the moment the client’s labels enter our plant until delivery of the materials to which they are applied, this includes complete accounting of goods and delivery of any waste materials. The sequential numbering of the lables is included on a different label on the outside of the collective packaging and bears the sequential numbering of those on the packets.

    This new department is able to label 30,000/50,000 packets a day.

  • 2 Bobst Novacut 106

    After the complete replacement of the two Bobst die-cutter lines with new Bobst Novacut 106 we have noticed an increasing production by 40%, with timesaving on startup and giving a 15% energy saving.

  • Expansion and renewal of the headquarter

    In February 2016 the FAVILLINI headquarters enlargement and renewal process has been completed. There is now a brand new production area; the offices have been totally re-designed; a large meeting room has been created and the dining hall has been enhanced.

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