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FAVILLINI is one of the top players in the pharmaceutical packaging branch in Italy.

The expertise gained in more than 130 years is the best quality certification that we could offer to you. Since 4 generations we are growing in a solid and sustainable way, guaranteeing the maximum reliability to our costumers, evolving toward technological innovation and our employees wealth.

Our headquarter (and production site) is in Livorno and covers an area of 8,000 m². It can run off both large and small numbers. We are offering to you much more than a packaging.

More than 130 years of history
4 generations of owners
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

We offer to you our solidity

Since 1886 we are growing in a solid way, guaranteeing the maximum reliability to our customers. Recently we enlarged and renewed our headquarters in Livorno. During our evolution we have always chosen the sustainable development way. We have always preferred strength and reliable relationships, instead the pursuit of profit at any price. We prefer to provide products and services capable of continuity over time.

It’s all about people

We are one of the top players in pharmaceutical packaging in Italy. One of our higher values is the wealth of the people who work in our company; and we also have a special care for relationships with customers and suppliers. Worldwide, the most important brands are shifting the focus of their investments from a no limits expansion toward wealth and satisfaction of employees, suppliers and customers. This special care become tangible in what the company produces. Whenever you buy a packaging from FAVILLINI, you buy much more than a box.

Technology, Reliability, Timing

Our Inspection Control System, created with HEIDELBERG it’s just the spearhead of a certified production model.

Making the difference on quality and warranties that we offer to customers and suppliers is essential in a global market in which counterfeiting risk of pharmaceutical packagings is ever lurking. Our security and control systems offers a 100% check over all the packagings we produce.


Alberto Favillini

Alberto Favillini

Eugenio Favillini

Eugenio Favillini

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