Colorgraf – one of the italian leaders in polymeric UV inks production for offset printing – organized two important workshops at our headquarters in Livorno.

On December 4th, the first workshop was held on two specific topics: the most recent products introduced into the new catalogue and an interesting update of the current legislation.

The focus of this first meeting has been on the newest finishing effects obtainable with water-based paints and on the existing legislative framework, in terms of packaging.

On January 2018, another workshop is planned. It will be centered on Colorimetry, and in particular on the use of Pantone and 4-color process. The main themes will be:

  • an introduction to instrumental measurement and objective evaluation of the color;
  • further notions on Colorimetry and Spectrophotometry through an ink formulation with Ink Formulator;
  • a deepening focused on 4-color process phases: process control / pre-press / using automatic controls alongside the machine.

Between Colorgraf, who has 67 years of experience, and Favillini Pharmaceutical Packaging there’s a synergy established over time, based on the common basis of these two companies that are the continuous effort to boost innovation and to improve the technologies, in order to offer to the clients the best qualitative level possible.