FAVILLINI GROUP Pharmaceutical Packaging won the Silver Medal for Corporate Social Responsibility last August.

This result places the FAVILLINI GROUP in 25% of companies in same business field – among those analyzed by EcoVadis – that stand out for their sustainability.

Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement: these were the areas monitored to assign the overall score of 59/100.

In particular, the FAVILLINI GROUP stood out for its policies related to the Environment with a score of 70/100, as it testifies to the ever-increasing sensitivity of the company towards respect for nature.

This award, together with the FSC® certification  obtained in 2013 and the decision made in 2019 to use only certified green energy produced 100% from renewable sources, highlights the FAVILLINI GROUP’s attention to ecology.

The management is absolutely satisfied with the good results obtained also in the other very important monitored areas such as Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

This is an overall result that demonstrates the goodness of the company philosophy, choices and policies adopted in recent years.

Also Virgeo Eiris, another important certifying body in the field of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors, also awarded FAVILLINI an overall score of 54/100 with the excellent 69/100 obtained in relation to the environmental parameters, confirming EcoVadis’ assessment.