November the 12th, 2018: Tamper Evident solution by FAVILLINI

Bologna, November the 12th 2018- During the event “THE ANTI-TAMPERING DEVICES IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY” organized by Farmindustria, Assografici, Assogenerici, GIFASP e GIPEA, FAVILLINI presented his new Tamper Evident solution by showing and commenting the video you can find above.

During the morning, Germano Alberti, GIFASP Technical Committee, Claudia Scattone, Farmindustria and Andriano Pietrosanto, Assogenerici explained the Italian and the EU legislation. Later, Gabriella Arcari, Farmindustria, Caterina Giovannini, Farmindustria and Alessandro Cipriani, Assogenerici brought the experience of the Pharma companies that choose the anti-tampering devices.

The presentation of the FAVILLINI’s prototype received many positive feedback. This is a great satisfaction for the company that managed to find a perfect solution to be in compliance with the EU Directive 2011/62/UE.

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