FAVILLINI Pharmaceutical Packaging hosted 3 classes of the Technical Institute “G. Galilei”, based in Livorno, during the 17th Edition of the event “RicicloAperto” (“Free Recycle”) taken place on the 22nd of March.

It involved more than 100 companies related to recycling such as waste treatment plants, paper mills, packaging factories and paper processing industries spread all over Italy.
The goal of “RicicloAperto” was to raise awareness among the students and the citizens about recycling paper and paperboard.

The event  took place thanks to Comieco (National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging), Federazione della Filiera della Carta e della Grafica, Assocarta, Assografici and AISA with the support of the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, Anci, Fise Assoambiente, Unirima and Utilitalia.

FAVILLINI Pharmaceutical Packaging is proud to be one of the 5 Tuscan companies which participated to the event: the staff introduced the company to very interested and very curious students and then led them through the production area of the company.

Comieco organized the 17th Edition of “RicicloAperto”, involving more than 18.500 Italians, in order to promote the recycling of paper and paperboard: 60% of Italians are not willing to recycle.

The working sites in Tuscany are 342: every year they recycle 1.4 million tons of wastes, producing more than 720.000 tons (almost 10% of the total paper sold in Italy) of paper and paperboard intended to become packaging.  In 2016, 278.000 tons of paper and paperboard – 74 kilos per citizen – have been gathered together in Tuscany.

SOURCE: firenze.repubblica.it (in italian)