Whistleblowing is a legal tool available to everyone to report any illegal conduct that is encountered in the context of their work activity, guaranteeing protection against any possible retaliation linked, even indirectly, to the facts reported.

The law has introduced important protections for those who report using IT methods and encryption tools to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter, the content of the reports and the related documentation, even anonymously.

In compliance with Legislative Decree 24/2023, the reporting system has been activated at the following link: Whistleblowing

The report made through the platform:

  • is received by the Manager identified in the Supervisory Body with autonomy and independence;
  • allows dialogue, even anonymously, between the reporter and the manager of the report for requests for clarifications, insights, additions, without the need to provide personal contacts;
  • it can be used from any digital device (PC, tablet, smartphone) both within the company and externally. The protection of anonymity is guaranteed in all circumstances.

We therefore invite you to inform your employees and collaborators of the existence of this channel for reporting violations.

More information is available at the previously reported links.

Ethical Code and Organizational Model “231”

We are pleased to announce that our company, in compliance with the legislation pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 and subsequent amendments, has adopted its own Code of Ethics, a Corporate Organization and Management Model aimed at preventing the commission of the crimes indicated by the Decree in the interest or advantage of the Company, and has appointed a Supervisory Body.

The corporate Code of Ethics defines the set of values ​​and principles that form the activity of our company and establishes the rules of conduct for relationships with our Collaborators, with our Customers and Suppliers and more generally with all the Partners who collaborate with Grafiche Favillini S.r.l. and its subsidiary.

We inform you that all those who work with our company are required to know and respect the principles contained therein and that the violation of these principles may give the right to Grafiche Favillini S.r.l. and its subsidiary to terminate current commercial agreements for non-compliance.

In order to guarantee the effective implementation of the adopted Model, Grafiche Favillini S.r.l. and its subsidiary has established within itself a Supervisory Body, equipped with autonomous powers of initiative and control, which is entrusted with the task of continuously supervising the functioning and observance of the provisions of which the Model is made up by all those who are required to respect them, as well as ensure their updating and implementation.

We inform you that the Supervisory Body can be contacted at the following address: odv@grafichefavillini.it

The complete text of the Code of Ethics and the general part of Model 231 is available here: www.favillini.it/modello-231