We now use 100% green energy

FAVILLINI has always cared about the environment and sustainability: for this reason, we decided to conclude an agreement with Energia Corrente, a supplier for 100% Certified Green Energy originating from renewable sources…

The new flooring and the production streamlining are completed

During the Summer months and the short break, important works on production site were done. A new flooring has been installed with management’s great satisfaction: this was the last renovation works for the buildings…

RicicloAperto 2019: FAVILLINI receives the students in its company

LIVORNO – On March 28th, FAVILLINI Pharmaceutical Packaging received a group of two student classes together with their teachers, from the A.Vespucci School in Livorno. In this occasion, the company made a contribution to RicicloAperto by promoting the recycling practice for paper and paperboard…

Print Awards 2018

Milan, November the 30th, 2018 – FAVILLINI Pharmaceutical Packaging is pleased to share with you the success reached during the Print Award ’18 in the category “Best Packaging Industry

During the ceremony of the 27th Edition that was held in the Polene’s room of the Science and Technology Museum in Milan, there were assigned ten awards.

The Print Award was created in 1987 to celebrate the best Italian Print Companies and to give an award to the Printing and Packaging companies for standing out in a particular field.

FAVILLINI won the category “Best Packaging Industry” that was sponsored by Koenig & Bauer (the Italian branch of the company is KBA Italy). Koenig & Bauer’s core competence is the development and manufacture of technologically innovative printing systems and peripherals.

FAVILLINI Pharmaceutical Packaging thanks Stratego GroupAssografici and all the other partners and sponsors for the important award and looks forward to 2019 with huge enthusiasm.

November the 12th, 2018: Tamper Evident solution by FAVILLINI

Bologna, November the 12th 2018- During the event “THE ANTI-TAMPERING DEVICES IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY” organized by Farmindustria, Assografici, Assogenerici, GIFASP e GIPEA, FAVILLINI presented his new Tamper Evident solution by showing and commenting the video you can find above.

During the morning, Germano Alberti, GIFASP Technical Committee, Claudia Scattone, Farmindustria and Andriano Pietrosanto, Assogenerici explained the Italian and the EU legislation. Later, Gabriella Arcari, Farmindustria, Caterina Giovannini, Farmindustria and Alessandro Cipriani, Assogenerici brought the experience of the Pharma companies that choose the anti-tampering devices.

The presentation of the FAVILLINI’s prototype received many positive feedback. This is a great satisfaction for the company that managed to find a perfect solution to be in compliance with the EU Directive 2011/62/UE.